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The Unit Study Journal is a value-rich, 103-page record keeping tool, filled with interactive forms to make your unit study adventures painless and stress-free. This unique journal has been developed just for you, and you won’t find anything else like it! Simple to use, it will help you develop and record a well-rounded unit study, as well as organize and simplify record keeping. Designed to be used for any kind of unit study, these forms have been developed to help you keep track of things that are done day-to-day, along with recording some of the “finds” that are discovered along the way.

The Unit Study Journal includes forms that you can fill out and save on your computer or print and fill out by hand. Amanda takes you by the hand and walks you through record keeping for unit studies. From the Starting Point forms, which you use to find out what each child wants to learn about, to the Books That We Used forms, which help you track all your library books, Amanda’s included plenty of helpful things to give you an edge with your unit study explorations.

Some of the forms in the Unit Study Journal help you track:

A must-have resource for beginning unit study users, as well as veterans,
the Unit Study Journal is reusable for years to come!

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Here’s what one parent had to say about the Unit Study Journal:

“The Unit Study Journal really goes hand in hand with Unit Studies 101. This has every form that you can think of to use in making a thorough study of any subject. Forms like starting out, unit study objectives, projects, resources, books, a calendar, assignments, diary, etc. The best part of these forms, for me, is that I can type directly on the form and then print it out. . . . this is the most complete information that I have found anywhere to help me make up my own unit study, my own curriculum, on the net. I am thankful for these resources to help me to do what is best for my children.”
Karilyn in ND